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How Shulman Rogers Can Help
With its extensive experience in land mobile and narrowbanding, Shulman Rogers can provide a variety of services to assist you with your narrowbanding project. These services include:

Request For Proposals
If your narrowbanding project includes the issuance of an RFP for the selection of a radio manufacturer or consulting engineer, Shulman Rogers can assist in the preparation of that document, and selection of the vendor. With its extensive knowledge of narrowbanding and the majority of potential bidders, Shulman Rogers can provide advice to assist you in making an appropriate choice.

Assistance In Your Narrowband
In conjunction with your consulting engineer and/or radio manufacturer, Shulman Rogers can ensure that your narrowband is our smooth as possible. During the process, Shulman Rogers can provide advice and direction on interoperating issues, licensing, compliant equipment, permissible operations and related issues.

Shulman Rogers can process your FCC applications to amend emission designators, add transmitter sites or provide advice on the frequency coordination process. As counsel to frequency coordinators for over twenty years, the lawyers at Shulman Rogers are knowledgeable on the process and its requirements. Shulman Rogers files hundreds of land mobile radio applications every year, and assists licensees with issues such as licensing Bi-Directional Amplifiers, Vehicular Repeaters, ERP limitations and Canadian Border clearance, all issues which you may face in your narrowband project.

Part of the licensing process may involve the need to file a waiver of one or more FCC Rules. The Firm’s experience in filing waiver, and its intimate familiarity with and involvement in the creation of many of those rules, means that the Firm can provide you with the level of assistance necessary to ensure that your issue is properly addressed.

License Audits
Large companies and agencies often have a myriad of FCC licenses in a variety of spectrum bands. Occasionally, these licenses have been obtained by a variety of employees in different divisions, with no central repository of information as to the operational status of the license. These same employees may no longer be with the company or agency, which can lead to license forfeiture from failure to renew or comply with other FCC mandates. Let Shulman Rogers perform a low cost audit of your licenses to ensure that you remain in compliance with the FCC’s Rules, and so that you’ll know which licenses need to be narrowbanded.

Grant Applications
Shulman Rogers has attorneys that practice in the Government Contracting area of law. Combined with our knowledge of land mobile radio, the Firm can assist you with the preparation, filing and prosecution of Grant Awards.

Educating Your Agency
Shulman Rogers provides educational services for agencies and companies. We’d be happy to talk to you about meeting with your company or agency, or appearing at your conference, to provide more information on narrowbanding.

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